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Übersetzung Express boasts a team of professionals that are highly motivated and energetic.

Our expert translators with rich cultural backgrounds, a variety of spoken languages, and several years of experience on their resumes will guarantee you an unrivaled customer experience.

A certificate of achievement lies on table with small scroll and red apple. Education documents

Starting from€40

Per page incl. certification

Certified Document Translation

Do you need a certified translation of your documents and certificates from the German authorities? Get an instant quote online, pay, and get your translated document in a few days.


Starting from€25

Per page

Translation Proofreading

If you have an already translated document on the website etc. and you are looking for professional proofreading and review our native speakers’ translators are happy to offer you such services at an affordable price and with guaranteed quality.


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Clients Questions

Our qualified translators translate your document into more than 15 languages, enabling you to communicate flexibly across national borders.

No matter whether you need a translation for the international market or a certified translation of certificates for your studies abroad! Below you will find a transparent overview of your most frequently asked questions on the subject of translation services.

In principle, translation is possible in all language combinations. We currently offer translation from and into following languages: Arabic, German, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Farsi, Ukrainian, Urdu, Turkish, Hindi, Dari, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, and Polish.  We are always improving our services and adding new languages so keep an eye on our newsletter or languages page.